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Off the Shelf: Two sides of World War II – part 2 by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Part one of this review featured novels that looked at World War II from the point of view of Jewish characters. Part two offers a different perspective: the war as seen by non-Jews. Some of the characters were alive during the fighting; others view those years through the lense of history.

In My Own Words: Elections and violence by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

“But what is more important was that as it happened, we did not see one tank or helmeted officer in the street. A country of over 200 million people was able to change Presidents overnight, without one bayonet being unsheathed. I believe any country that can still do that can’t be all ba…

From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With gratitude 11/6/20

By Shelley Hubal

I am grateful the annual Campaign gives me the opportunity to reconnect with Jewish community members, both locally and those that once called Binghamton their home. One highlight on Super Sunday was speaking with a former Binghamton community member who now lives out West.…

Off the Shelf: Two sides of World War II – part 1 by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I’ve written so many reviews of novels about World War II and its aftermath that I sometimes wonder if there is anything new to say. However, there are as many aspects of the war to explore as there were people affected by what occurred, and each offers something different. These stories m…

In My Own Words: Responsibility and illness by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

As a person who’s faced health challenges, I dislike blaming people for the illnesses they suffer. Over the years, I’ve heard everything from “personality types that lead to cancer” to “we don’t know what’s wrong so it must be your own fault.” Sometimes our bodies malfunction…