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In My Own Words - When the weather became political

We make our share of mistakes at The Reporter. My favorite one was a headline that read “Cornell dinning room” (it should have read dining room), while others in the office prefer the headline that referred to Beth Dave (in place of Beth David). How that occurred I have no idea. I comfor…

In My Own Words - A couple of things by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Grace and Jane
Imagine a world where it’s considered funny to call women “Cute Chick” and “Fat Broad.” Those of us who grew up with the comic strip “B.C.” know that, while all the men in the strip were given names, the women were referenced only by their looks. Since this is an…

In My Own Words - National Everyone Shut Up About Politics Day

What if we called a Shabbat on political social media? Or, even better, what if we decided there should be a Rosh Hashanah (meaning two days that are legally considered one long day) when no political social media would be posted? Regular readers of this column will think I’m talking about…