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Everyone has favorite memories from their childhood – maybe a special place they visited, favorite foods or memorable moments spent with loved ones. After the Federation Holocaust Memorial Remembrance event on October 6, I had the chance to share a few of my favorite memories with new …

Setting the table

Grandma was a bad cook.  It’s true.  My beloved Grandma Hannah was known for many things - creativity, generosity, kind spirit and beauty. Cooking, not so much. Grandma was both an innovator and a health nut.  Not a good combination in the kitchen. Recipe measurements were treated as …

With gratitiude

Bittersweet. A little awkward. Grateful. Some words to describe my first few weeks as executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton. Shortly after my father passed away at the end of April, I began my new position here at the JFed. The welcoming energy of the office was…