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In My Own Words:Statute of limitations and the High Holidays

by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

A 19-year-old Jewish college student dropped out of a state house race after admitting to harassing female students when he was in middle school. A non-Jewish doctor was fired from two training programs and her medical training certificate was revoked because of ant…

From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With gratitude 8/28/20

There are many reasons and ways to cultivate gratitude in one’s life. These last several months, I have been working to create more moments when my attention is fully focused on the present. In the unfiltered, present moment, gratitude comes easily. However, this is a challenge for a busy …

In My Own Words: The summer of 2020 by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The title of the article was not meant to be ironic. At the time the magazine was written (usually six months before it appears), it was still possible to imagine we could have “(the) Best Summer Yet.” The article asked readers to list answers to the following: “it wouldn’t be summer…

In My Own Words: Red or Blue, all are American by Rabbi Rachel Esserman

When a natural disaster occurs in the United States and I receive a request for help, I don’t ask for specifics about whose lives are in danger. It doesn’t matter their age, skin color, ethnicity, religion or political viewpoints. Americans reach out and give each other a helping hand. I…

Hillel Academy offers quality education by Kerri Weinstein

By Kerri Weinstein

With the school year just weeks away and local parents struggling with the decision about sending their children to school or keeping them home, Hillel Academy of Broome County is gearing up to offer in-person instruction five days per week to new and returning students. …