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In My Own Words: The world in which we live

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

My original plan was to write a column called “Entering the Third Year” about the continuing pandemic. Yes, I know numbers are down, but we’re not finished with this nightmare yet – a nightmare that has killed more than 947,000 Americans as of this writing. …

In My Own Words: Majority, minority and fear

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

“Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ) today defended his and [Deborah Lipstadt’s].... denunciations of Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-WI) previous comments in support of the January 6 insurrectionists. The Wisconsin Republican demanded an apology for being called…

In My Own Words: Feeling discomfort

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I actually had to double check because I started to think, “Wait, that can’t be real. She must have accidently sent me a link to a comic/fake news site.” But, unfortunately, I was wrong and, since it was on a topic I’ve been thinking of writing about for the…

From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With gratitude 2/10/22

By Shelley Hubal

Time and again Jewish communities around the world have had to dig deep and find strength. Strength in one another. Strength in Torah and tradition. In my opinion, the resilience and compassion of the Jewish people is unlike any other. The world watched recently as four mem…

In My Own Words: Something silly

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I’m a big fan of the Muppets. I don’t remember when I first saw “Sesame Street,” but I believe it must have been when I was in junior high or high school. My favorite Muppet at that time was Oscar the Grouch. I could relate to his grouchiness, a trait that r…