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In My Own Words: Poetry and revisiting the past

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The Facebook friend request came with a message. Someone I haven’t seen for more than 20 years tracked me down and discovered I was still working. What provoked this search is that the informal Zoom minyan she takes part in had recently been discussing poetry and…

In My Own Words: An ode to plumbers, electricians, etc.

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

My first thought was that winter is definitely coming. That happened after seeing that the emergency message boards on Routes 17 and 81 had a new message. No, they weren’t warning me about an upcoming storm. Instead, they were trying to entice workers to apply fo…

In My Own Words: Is it too early? Preparing for Hanukkah

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

It’s become a holiday tradition. Once the countdown to Christmas starts, I send a Christian friend notices from e-mails and websites about how many days there are to the holiday. I’ve also been known to let her know when displays start going up in stores, espec…

In My Own Words: The meaning of the rainbow

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

We read and study the Torah each year because every year we can discover new insights or new ways to appreciate the text. Sometimes that study informs our ideas outside of the study group or synagogue. When looking at the story of Noah recently, something interestin…

In My Own Words: When words mean something different

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I originally read the phrase and thought it meant something completely different. The phrase I’m referring to is “silent quitting.” My first thought was, “Oh, people are quitting their jobs without giving notice to their employer? That’s unprofessional. T…