Off the Shelf: Russian absurdity and Jewish dissents

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

When reading the opening pages of Paul Goldberg’s first novel “The Yid,” I groaned because it seemed clear it was going to be so depressing. Instead, it turned into a crazy, joyous, wonderful ride. I wasn’t the only person to love the book: it was a finalis…

Jewish Online Resources 11/3/23

By Reporter staff

A variety of Jewish groups are offering educational and recreational online resources. Below is a sampling of those. The Reporter will publish additional listings as they become available. 

The Jewish Theological Seminary will offer two virtual programs in its Between th…

Celebrating Jewish Literature: Red Jews in German and Yiddish culture

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I find the development of cultural ideas fascinating, which is one of the reasons I asked for a review copy of “Sons of Saviors: The Red Jews in Yiddish Culture” by Rebekka Voß (University of Pennsylvania Press). The other is that I’d never before heard the t…

Celebrating Jewish Literature: Jews, Native Americans and not-so-free land

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

“Every other week, my rabbi and I would meet to read ancient Jewish texts that proscribe how to atone and reconcile after a harm has been committed, even and especially one that a person didn’t cause directly but did benefit from... [we learned] before you can f…

Celebrating Jewish Literature: A Judaism for our time

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

When reviewing books by Orthodox and Conservative rabbis, I frequently comment that, while I may disagree with the author’s theology, his/her practical suggestions have a great deal to offer readers. What a pleasure, then, to feel differently about “Judaism Disr…