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From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With Gratitude 8/22/23

By Shelley Hubal

My father’s favorite blue and gray flannel shirt hangs on a hook in my closet. I wear it around the house on cold days, but try not to soil it because I can’t bring myself to put it in the wash. Last night I dreamt that the shirt was ruined beyond repair. I awoke with …

In My Own Words: Two 50th anniversaries

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The fall Jewish holidays are normally a time to review the past year and decide what changes we want to make in our lives. But this year, I am also reflecting on two 50th anniversaries that occur this fall. One took place in early September and the other began in ei…

The Tree of Life murders and trial, part III: Judgment

By Bill Simons

For the survivors and families of victims, constantly in attendance – as well as the jury, judge, attorneys and journalists – at Pittsburgh’s United States District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania, the U.S.A. v. Robert Bowers trial proved long, intense and drain…

The Tree of Life murders and trial, part II: Kaddish

By Bill Simons 

On Friday, November 2, 2018, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette featured a large, bold-font page-one headline above its lead story that was unprecedented for a major American metropolitan newspaper. Its typeface size and placement above the fold might have announced a declaration …

In My Own Words: Equal justice for all

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I imagine that some people are wondering why I haven’t written about the Hunter Biden criminal probe, especially now that a special counsel has been appointed. There’s a simple reason: our justice system is proceeding in the appropriate manner. The judge decide…