Reflections on the “Diaspora Report”: 100 columns and counting

By Bill Simons 

On The Reporter webpage, my column is referred to as “Bill Simons’ Diaspora Report.” “Diaspora Report” suggests two of the column’s distinctive attributes: the perspective of an American Jew and a broad, eclectic canvas receptive to ethnic and religious observat…

In My Own Words: The precariousness of life

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I’m not particularly interested in the British royal family. Since most of their actions have no impact on my life, I rarely read about them. (And, no, I did not watch any of their weddings or the coronation.) Their family arguments are none of my business; I beli…

From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With Gratitude 6/28/24

By Shelley Hubal

The Federation is blessed to have so many dedicated people who do everything from attending board meetings to chairing committees to making Campaign calls. Each volunteer brings something special to the community and I am so very grateful to work with compassionate people.…

In My Own Words: Three lives

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I saw the obituary just before leaving to attend a gravestone dedication at a local cemetery. Most of the obituary talked about the hard work done by the woman’s late mother: she used patterning to help her daughter learn to walk, although nothing could be done ab…

In My Own Words: Miscellaneous things

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Two trials

After learning former President Donald Trump was found guilty of felony charges of falsifying business records, unlike many of my friends, I didn’t rejoice in the verdict. Instead, I found it profoundly sad that a former president of our country was fo…