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Federation Executive Director: With Gratitude (7/16)

“I pledge to be funny.” Those are the words my son Joshua wrote several years ago when he was asked to sign a behavior contract before going to sleep-away camp. Not satisfied with just committing himself to respecting others and following the camp rules, he made a commitment that to keep…

In My Own Words: Emerging from the Pandemic

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Sometimes I forget to take a mask with me, so I’ve been keeping extras in the car. I’ve felt weird walking into buildings or homes without wearing a mask: the former normal now seems a bit abnormal. I’m still wearing masks when going shopping and still limit t…

In My Own Words: Tribute to a Friend

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I don’t usually write about my rabbinical work in this column, but, although there are numerous political and social issues of importance I could discuss, it’s personal ones that are haunting me this week. On June 16, for the first time, I did the funeral of a p…

Executive Editor Thread: Antisemitism

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

“Thinking I really have to write about antisemitism, although I’m not sure how much more anyone can say. Maybe I will say just that.” The impetus for my statement was reading commentators asking where was the outrage about the antisemitism that has flared up i…

Federation Executive Director: With Gratitude (6/4)

In preparation for the Federation annual meeting on June 16, I’ve spent time reflecting on the past year and creating a vision for the year to come. (For information about how to attend the meeting, see the article on page 1.) The pandemic brought with it unprecedented challenges, but it a…