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In My Own Words: Two 50th anniversaries

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The fall Jewish holidays are normally a time to review the past year and decide what changes we want to make in our lives. But this year, I am also reflecting on two 50th anniversaries that occur this fall. One took place in early September and the other began in ei…

In My Own Words: Equal justice for all

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I imagine that some people are wondering why I haven’t written about the Hunter Biden criminal probe, especially now that a special counsel has been appointed. There’s a simple reason: our justice system is proceeding in the appropriate manner. The judge decide…

In My Own Words: Eleven months

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

There’s a legend that the recitation of the Mourner’s Kaddish began when Rabbi Akiva saw a man struggling under a great burden. When asked if he could help, the man told Akiva that he was dead and the work was his punishment. When Akiva asked what could be done…

In My Own Words: Whitewashing American history

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

How ironic to be reading a book about a country that passed a law making it illegal to mention that its population helped exterminate Jews at the conclusion of World War II and then read a newspaper article showing something similar happening in our country. Howeve…

In My Own Words: Thoughts on my 50th reunion from high school

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I didn’t go. I also didn’t go to any of my prior high school reunions so this really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me well. My reasons for not going? I am not nostalgic about my teenager years and have no desire to talk to people I haven’t see…