From the Executive Editor

In My Own Words: The legislation won’t make them or us go away

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The Associated Press article talked about the legislation being passed in states across the country that bans centers/groups dedicated to “diversity, equity and inclusion” at colleges and universities. The underlying idea is to rid campuses of organizations tha…

In My Opinion: What I don’t know

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

When choosing subjects for this column, I try to write only when I have something new or relevant to add to the discussion. That’s particularly true when it comes to political issues: my column may put a Jewish spin on the subject or focus on the issue from a diff…

In My Own Words: A few things, serious and silly

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

Are they really serious? 

Imagine if you are in third grade and are not allowed to talk about your parents. Why? Because talking about them would somehow corrupt your classmates. Am I speaking of mass murderers or pedophiles? Nope. I’m talking about children wi…

In My Own Words: Two 50th anniversaries

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

The fall Jewish holidays are normally a time to review the past year and decide what changes we want to make in our lives. But this year, I am also reflecting on two 50th anniversaries that occur this fall. One took place in early September and the other began in ei…

In My Own Words: Equal justice for all

By Rabbi Rachel Esserman

I imagine that some people are wondering why I haven’t written about the Hunter Biden criminal probe, especially now that a special counsel has been appointed. There’s a simple reason: our justice system is proceeding in the appropriate manner. The judge decide…